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  • About Us

    Hi! I am Tim Kihiko and My Group Lowell Real Estate Experts.
    We are committed to help you find your dream home. 
    As you might be aware that, buying or selling a house is very Consequential Decision,
    We are here to make sure that you get all the necessary information you need to help you make that decision,
    in order to allow a smooth real estate transaction at closing.
    Our training and experience as real estate professionals will give you the peace of mind
    that you need when it comes to negotiating Real Estate deals at the table.
    Rest assured that we will work hard for you to get the best deal possible when
    purchasing a home and top dollars when selling a house.
    Our experiences as Mortgage consultants’ will guide you through any questions regarding mortgage Loans.
    So,  if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell a house, please let us know and we will take great care of them. 
    We thank you for your referrals.